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Jeffrey D. Burum

For Ventura County Supervisor - District 5

Together we will restore Economic Prosperity, Public Safety, & Financial Transparency  to Oxnard and Ventura County! March 3rd!



About Jeff

Jeff Burum has spent a lifetime in the military and professional service making things work.

  • U.S. Air Force Academy Graduate

  • Veteran/Ret. USAF Officer

  • Business Owner

  • Asst. Professor

  • Retired CPA/Investment Advisor Representative

  • Community Volunteer

Service to Country

United States Air Force (1978-1998)

  • United States Air Force Academy Graduate
  • Cold War Veteran- ICBM Combat Crew
  • Desert Storm Veteran- Chief of Financial Management
  • Deputy Chief of Financial Management for strategic deployments to Somalia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan
  • Chief Financial Management and Analysis of United States Air Force Academy

Service in Private Practice

Helping Businesses and Individuals (1997-2017)

  • Certified Public Accountant in CO (1997-2013)
  • Income Tax, Payroll Tax, Accounting Services, Business Start-ups
  • Licensed Investment Advisor Representative (1997-2017)
  • Financial Planning and Estate Planning

Service to Community

Non-Profit Community Impact

  • American Legion
  • Vietnam Veterans of Ventura County
  • Military Officers of America Association
  • Elks’ Lodge 1443
  • Board Member: Optimist Club of Oxnard-Port Hueneme
  • Board Member: Hope Boyz/Girlz
  • Clergy Council Ventura County Chapter
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Port Hueneme
  • Disabled American Veterans
  • Paralyzed Veterans of America

Vision, Issues, & Values

As an independent candidate for a non-partisan government position, I believe we need the citizen oversight of our county to come from the collaboration of the entire community as opposed to a particular political party or special interest agenda.  The county budget in excess of $2 billion, represents a significant investment from our tax-payers and requires the input from the scientific, business, non-profit communities as well as individual stake-holders.  As a financial expert with experience managing budgets of this size, there are several questions we need to always consider:

Do we know how our money is being spent?

Are we investing wisely into a future of economic growth and sustainability? 

Is the quality of life improving in Oxnard and Ventura County?

Economic Prosperity. Oxnard needs high-paying jobs to support economic growth and opportunities for our residents.  As a beautiful coastal city with the largest population in the county, we should be encouraging small businesses, agriculture, energy and tourism.  We can support local workers for local jobs and make our county affordable for our residents.

Public Health and Safety. Our officers from the Police, Fire, and First Responders, provide critical services and planning in the event of emergencies and require our support.  We can have a multi-pronged approach with our officers, non-profits, and faith communities to solve the growing homeless epidemic in our community with compassion.  We can take care of our environment with a balanced dialogue between our business owners and scientific community.

Fiscal Transparency. We must always balance our budget and include all of our stake-holders in the 2040 plan for the county.  We need transparent financial reports with easy on-line access for all residents.  We should hold elected officials accountable for spending our hard-earned money on basic services like public safety, parks, and education and take a firm stand against new or higher, unjustifiable taxes.



Latin Business Association- Statewide Endorsement

Citizens Journal

Mike Morgan, Former Mayor of Camarillo, 38 year Council Member, Community Leader

Orlean Lapinid, Veteran, Business Owner- Lapinid Properties
Jason Laird, Lions Club Regional Director
Kenny Backer, Business Owner- Kenny Backer Photography

Tami Backer, Educator

Francine Castanon, Veteran, Businesswoman and City Commissioner, Former City Council Candidate

Geraldina Moreno, Community Leader
Rolando Chinea, Community, Faith and Integrity Advocate
Gloria Massey Chinea, Community and Integrity Leader
George Miller, Business Owner, Journalist,
Alex Burum, Optimist Club President, Business Owner

Susan Moreno, Business Owner

Jose Moreno, Business Owner- Moreno’s Electrical Services
Rea Miller, Business Owner/CPA and Non-profit Leader

Barbara Reel, Educator

Kari Cryder, Real Estate Management and Consultant, Former City Council Candidate
Troy Wagner, Business Owner-Free Press Marketing, Non-profit Leader, Community Organizer
Angela Minutillo, Business Owner, Community Organizer, Crafting Mermaid

Dr. Amy Chen, Education Non-Profit Director

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