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Jeffrey D. Burum

For Ventura County Supervisor - District 5

Together we will restore Economic Prosperity, Public Safety, & Financial Transparency  to Oxnard and Ventura County! March 3rd!



A Message from Jeff

Friends and Neighbors,

I feel truly blessed to call Oxnard and Ventura County my home. Nowhere else can we enjoy the perfect weather where agriculture meets the beach, beloved historic Heritage Square, Channel Islands Harbor, and the multitude of cultural festivals with our wonderful neighbors.  Unfortunately, our quality of life is being threatened by cuts in vital services, government budgets deep in debt, lack of good jobs, rising crime in our neighborhoods and the challenge of affordability.  Concerned neighbors and organizations have become troubled with the misguided vision and direction in which we are headed.  They have asked for my leadership as our next County Supervisor for District 5 to help move Ventura County forward.  By working together, we will ensure a future that is brighter, safer and more secure.  We will regain the spirit of prosperity that comes from new economic opportunities for business and well-paying jobs to sustain our families.  We will restore responsible governance that is balanced and lives within its means and we will make sound investment decisions for tomorrow.

Early Life

As a California native, Jeff Burum enjoyed his youth summers in Oxnard/Bakersfield in the 60’s-70’s.  He was very involved in:

  • Future Farmers of America
  • Marching Band
  • Student Government
  • National Honor Society
  • Debate Team
  • Football Team
  • Spanish Club

Military Career

At the age of 18, Jeff enlisted in the Air Force and served as a medical technician.  Within a year, his performance was recognized by President Reagan and he earned a Presidential Nomination to attend the United States Air Force Academy.  

During his 20 years in the military, he served during the Cold War deep underground in North Dakota on an ICBM Combat Crew. Later, during the Desert Storm, he was assigned to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he served as Chief of Financial Management; responsible for managing billions of dollars and strategic financial plans to support the operational needs of thousands of men and women in our combat forces. Subsequent postings included Deputy Chief of Financial Management for strategic deployments to Somalia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan.  

As a Cold War and Desert Storm Veteran, his service decorations include: 2 Meritorious Service Medals, 2 Commendation Medals and 9 Organizational Excellence Awards, among others.  Yet, his greatest honor was to serve alongside other men and women who strengthened his sense of duty to serve our fellow Americans. A flag was flown over the White House and presented to him upon his retirement from the service. This flag holds a special place in the Silver Star Burum family and reminds them of the importance of integrity before God and Country in all that we do.

Business Owner

As a financial expert, Jeff’s practice for 15 years as a Certified Public Accountant (CO) and a Licensed Investment Advisor (20 years) enabled him to tap into the skills and experiences honed in the military to apply them successfully in the private sector. His goal always was to help businesses and individuals achieve their highest potential with guidance in such areas as: income taxes, payroll taxes, accounting services, business start-up requirements, financial planning, and estate planning through two recessions. Also, his belief in education allowed him to share his experience with others entering the profession by teaching income taxation and accounting for 10 years.

Community Volunteer

Jeff is very passionate about civic engagement in his home community of Oxnard.  His commitment to the military made him a strong national advocate for Veteran issues such as the Mission Act, ensuring medical care and funding for veterans with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation. 

Locally, he has served as spokesperson of Hope Boys/Girls, which is dedicated to aiding homeless, former felons and gang members transition toward jobs and community service within Oxnard.  

In addition, Jeff serves as an Optimist Club board member.  It has been our rewarding joy to put on numerous annual parades in our county, organize the largest basketball tournament in Ventura County, initiate the first ever bilingual book fair in Oxnard,  as well as help launch the sports broadcasting program with our youth.  These efforts have provided important funding and scholarship opportunities toward the next generation of our community.

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